We are Elisa and Nina, the people behind the TINY MUSE brand. We have known each other since we were teenagers, and have many things in common, such as motherhood, a passion for clothing, and a desire to do things better. It all started when Elisa got pregnant and entered the world of baby supplies for the first time.

The list of things that would have to be bought became breathtakingly long. The focus on the consumption of the baby year was exhausting even before the baby was born. The same themes were repeated in conversations with Nina and other parents. The sizes in children's clothing were insane. One garment could only be worn for a month. The clothes were very gendered and there were much less options for the boys. There were few minimalist clothes and many were only sized for very slender children.

We wanted to start a brand that would be a solution. One that would offer wardrobe staples, regardless of the season. Clothes that would suit all genders, all kinds of body types. Their life cycle would be longer and possibly continue directly to smaller siblings. This is how Tiny Muse was born. It got its name from Elisa's daughter, whose name means "muse" in Finnish.

Our mission is to be a bold pioneer in the children's clothing industry, to disrupt the disposability and seasonality of fast-fashion, to provide timeless, ecological and beautiful clothing, baby supplies and accessories. We do everything as green and respectfully for the environment as we can and are always ready to learn more.

TINY MUSE is aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of parents by providing alternatives that last. We also donate 5% of the profits to a charity that helps children with mental health challenges. Our children are the inspiration for everything we do, and we want to offer the best for your tiny muses as well.