Our team at TINY MUSE is striving to do our best to create beautiful and sustainable pieces, using natural fibers made to last from one generation to another. We offer high quality and minimalistic design. 

All our garments are designed in Finland and are made by ethical and certified manufacturers within China. The garment factory we are using has passed BSCI audit, which means that they are treating workers ethically and legally. They also have OKOTEX-100 CLASS1 certificate. This product class includes products for babies and has the strictest requirements and limit values.

Our way of working

We do not mass produce. Therefore we do our best to reduce our fabric wastage and think about our impact on the environment. With limited numbers available in each collection, our aim is to grow slowly.

We care about the environment. From the design that stands the test of time, to a well thought out packaging and the greenest possible way of transportation, we ensure to leave as little harm to planet earth as possible. TINY MUSE has its own warehouse in Finland, where we do the packing and send the items directly to the customer. We don't use plastic in our packages and we compensate the emissions of the logistics.

We will always continue to find ways to do changes to reduce our impact on the environment. It can be big or small, but we believe that every action counts. Let's do it together for our tiny ones.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a bold pioneer in the children's clothing industry, to disrupt the disposability and seasonality of fast-fashion, and to offer timeless, ecological and beautiful clothing and accessories. We are aiming to create a more equal future for all children together with our customers. One of our core values ​​is equality, and we want to make sure everyone gets help. 5% of our profit goes to an organization whose mission is to promote children's mental health and prevent mental health issues.

Materials we use:

Organic cotton:

Organic cotton uses 90% less water in the growing process than regular cotton. When cotton is farmed organically, crop rotation strategies and soil building practices are used. This keeps the soil healthy. Healthy soil helps pull carbon from the atmosphere, so the climate benefits from that.

Organic cotton production also uses zero toxic chemicals. That means that workers' health improves, communities can live in relative health with access to clean water and food supplies, and the land has a longer lifespan because chemicals are not damaging it.

However, we acknowledge the fact that organic cotton isn't all good. Because organic cotton yields fewer fibers than GMO cotton, it requires more plants and more land to produce.


We use Bamboo in our toothbrushes, and Viscose made from Bamboo fibers in the baby blankets and reusable pads. Bamboo grows really fast, it can reach its full size in just 3-4 months, when standard trees can take over 30 years to grow. Bamboo Forests have enormous positive benefits for the environment as this incredibly productive plant efficiently stores carbon.

How to take care of your clothes?

We recommend washing all items in a cold machine cycle (unless otherwise stated in the item description). We do not recommend tumble drying. Ironing on a low setting is recommended unless otherwise stated in the description.